Curb Alcohol Cravings: 3 Medications and 5 Natural Remedies to Drink Less or Quit

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Reinforce lifestyle habits that can help improve health and squash stress in one hit. Aim to get regular exercise, improve sleep quality, and tap into healthy relationships. Functional sobriety is Scheller’s approach to alcohol reduction or elimination that combines principles of functional medicine and nutrition to help you drink less.

Supplements for Sobriety Support

We’ve been using the Wild & Organic Alcohol Detox Supplement for a few weeks now and have noticed a significant improvement in our overall well-being. We appreciate that the supplement is made with natural ingredients and is vegan-friendly. Took three times but now I am alcohol free for 26 weeks 3 days, AND I have alcohol in the house. The information we provide while responding to comments is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The responses to comments on are designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Understanding the Role of Glutamine in the Body

Researchers have also studied the relapse rates of cocaine addicts discharged after a period of detoxification. And they found that the cocaine addicts who relapsed had significantly lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in comparison to addicts who didn’t relapse (29). Theanine is available in this anti-anxiety supplement, along with a number of other natural compounds that have helped me manage my anxiety over the years.

Understand your triggers

But one often-overlooked aspect of beating addiction is nutrition in recovery. Although many different B vitamins can be impacted by drinking, one of the most dangerous B-vitamin deficiencies is thiamine or vitamin B1. Lack of vitamin B1 can cause a life-threatening condition called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. For this reason, those who struggle with alcohol are often told to take vitamin B1.

  • Choline is an essential B vitamin that most people don’t consume enough of, because very few foods in the Western diet contain it.
  • Regularly consuming alcohol impairs your body’s ability to properly absorb vitamins thereby inducing a variety of substance abuse symptoms such as bone loss, dehydration and more.
  • If you’re not consuming enough protein-rich foods—where glutamine is most abundant—you risk depleting your body’s stores.
  • Anti-alcohol supplements are designed to reduce the craving for alcohol and alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal.
  • This product is packed with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that help protect your liver from damage caused by alcohol and other toxins.

Curb Alcohol Cravings: 3 Medications and 5 Natural Remedies

Electrolyte supplements can help replenish fluids and minerals lost during alcohol consumption. In addition to Milk Thistle, the supplement contains Kudzu Root and Dandelion Root, which are proven ingredients for those who want to take control of their life and attain a healthier body. These ingredients work together to target areas of the body damaged during intake and provide essential liver support.

  • We have the expertise needed to provide you with a thorough supplement overview.
  • So, without further ado, let’s get into nutrients and supplements that helped me the most.
  • Glutamine, a plentiful amino acid, is vital for maintaining good health.
  • While the syrup may help curb alcohol cravings, it may not work for everyone.

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Other studies have shown that omega-3 supplements reduce cravings for nicotine and reduce the number of cigarettes people smoke daily (26, 27). Overall, citicoline is one of my favourite supplements for optimal brain function and mental health. A regular intake of glutamine supplements has been shown herbs to curb alcohol cravings to reduce the desire for alcohol by replenishing GABA levels in your brain that get depleted due to excessive drinking. We have the expertise needed to provide you with a thorough supplement overview. We can also give you the details on the potential benefits of specific supplement options.

  • Distraction can be a useful tool to help a person manage alcohol cravings in the moment.
  • For this reason, those who struggle with alcohol are often told to take vitamin B1.
  • And high doses of vitamin C have been shown to increase endorphin levels, decrease opioid use, and reduce the withdrawal syndrome of heroin addicts (58).
  • While we’ve explored how alcohol and stress can lead to glutamine depletion, it’s crucial not to overlook other contributing factors.
  • If you soak a few dates in water and eat them daily, you can detox naturally and significantly reduce your addiction symptoms.
  • It may also depend on any other physical and mental health issues an individual has.
  • A 2023 study showed that semaglutide lowered the rate of colorectal cancer—cancer affecting the large intestine or rectum—in people with type 2 diabetes.

Can I stop drinking by myself?

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Why Do We Need Supplements For Alcohol Detox?

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